Let's Agree to Disagree

My momma always told me to avoid discussing politics or religion with folks if I wanted to maintain a peaceful relationship with them. Sooner than later, she warned, a difference of opinion is bound to occur, and it is hard for everyone not to end up with bruised egos and frazzled nerves in the process. An equally wise man, the philosopher Cicero, put it this way: “the need to compel others to believe and live as we do cripples us, makes us a prisoner of our own negative thought patterns.” It’s an idea that is as true in our modern world as is was in ancient Rome. Until we can release the desire for others to approve of our choices, we remain stuck. You don’t need anybody’s consent to be who

Yet Another Cat Story

I have never had a cat in my life. I hesitate to say “owned” when referencing a pet because let’s face it, most of the time, when they come into your life, stealing your heart in the process, THEY own YOU. I can recite the timeline of my existence by the dogs I have loved, starting with Mitzi, a cocker spaniel I had at the tender age of three to Lola, the bijon frises, who is sleeping by my side as I type this. But nope, there are no feline pictures in my family album, no stories of cat antics. Until now. Several weeks ago, my grandson and I were sitting at the kitchen table engaged in a rather complicated game of Pokemon. The house was unusually quiet as he explained the finer points of how

The Twelfth Night

The Christmas decorations are all packed away, except for the nativity scene. I leave it up until January 5th., the twelfth day of Christmas (depending on how you count), the day when the wise men visited the Baby Jesus with their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. This is just one of the traditions that has become part of my holiday celebration. And perhaps it is among the most important. You see, I was “born in the boot.” For those of you who have no idea what that means, I am a Louisiana girl. And goodness knows that folks in bayou country honor their customs like nobody else. The twelfth night always heralds the Mardi Gras season, which begins with the sharing of a king cake, a round

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