Happy Father's Day

It is Father’s Day. Unlike the holiday which honors mothers, this one seems much less commercial. Dad doesn’t care about flowers or a sappy Hallmark card. Give him a nice steak on the grill and a six pack, and he’s pretty content. If the kids show up, that’s a bonus. The celebration has taken on a different meaning for me as I have grown older. I guess things get complicated by life and twisted family trees. My own father has gone to live with the angels and so has the father of my children. My husband, who did a great job of taking on the role of step dad when my boys were quite young, has no biological children. And now, of course, my grown sons have families of their own, so it is only fi

2020 Vision

I recently saw a cartoon of two guys in an H.G. Wells type time machine. One had his hands on the controls, and he said to the other, “Rule #1, never put in this year.” And a big 2020 was projected onto a screen. Sometimes, the funniest things are those that hit closest to home, and this certainly does. I think everyone would agree that this year has brought with it unprecedented challenges, leaving us all afraid to ask: “What’s next?” But as someone who is visually deficient, having worn glasses since elementary school, I know that 2020 is perfect sight. A person with 2020 vision is able to clearly see the world, navigate it unaided. So if you bump into obstacles, it is because you cannot a

Can We Talk?

The past week has been difficult. I just typed and erased that sentence three times. It seems like such a gross understatement and a poor beginning for this blog, but I can think of no other way to describe the way the tragic murder of George Floyd and the subsequent violent protests have impacted us both individually and collectively, igniting a range of emotions. It has been difficult on so many levels. And so, I have struggled to find the right words to say at a time when simple rhetoric seems insufficient to capture the heartbreak, the pain of injustice, violence, and cruelty. There are those who would take advantage of the pain of others to move their own agenda forward, causing more ch

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