Parting the Red Sea

I know that it has been said that there are no coincidences in this world, only circumstances that were meant to be. That extends to examples like chance meetings which turn into close friendships or a change of plans that lands you in a place where you hear of the perfect job opening. All of us have had such experiences. They are, of course, quite amazing, but sometimes, they can change our path and alter our perception. I received a lovely gift this Christmas from a special friend. The book, called Jesus Calling, is a daily devotional, filled with beautiful, affirming messages of love and hope. I cried when I opened it because it reminded me of one of those life-altering moments that occur

The Next Big Thing

I just devoured a bag tortilla chips and a bowl of cheese dip, which I chased with an icy Corona. The chocolate ice cream is calling me from the freezer, and I suddenly remember that I bought a box of those fancy waffle cones last week. It is the second week of my diet. How am I doing? Truth be told, I ate the green beans and cottage cheese; I ditched the cookies and candy; I snacked on celery and carrots. I had expected to drop at least five pounds following fifteen days of total deprivation. When that didn’t happen, I sort of shrugged my shoulders and fantasized about peanut butter cups and mashed potatoes with gravy. I’m only human. Let’s face it: we all want instant gratification and a

You Are in Control

I have whispered The Serenity Prayer many times over the past eighteen months. It is a simple one with the focus on changing that which we can and accepting that which we cannot. But change isn’t always that simple. We are creatures of habit by design. And often, stubbornness is our greatest obstacle. Certainly, it is less frustrating to deny our weaknesses, sheltering our own fragile hearts from the truth of who we sometimes are. But that also keeps us from being who we were meant to be. It is rather uncomfortable to look into the mirror and see the good, the bad, and the ugly that is reflected there. But a bit of introspection, along with a sprinkling of brutal honesty, is sometimes necess

The Vision Board

Last New Year’s Day, I sat with a pile of old magazines, clipping random photos, slogans and words, which I stuffed into a manila folder. It was a version of a self-discovery activity that I had done with my high school students decades ago. What seems like a mindless exercise, actually can be quite revealing as the sub conscious points to what is important. From those random bits and pieces of paper, a theme often emerges; deep-rooted dreams and lofty goals are revealed. I guess it is almost Socratic in nature as you skim each glossy page determining if it is significant enough to be included in the mix. In other words, as you continue to ask the pressing question, eventually, you will ar

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