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I have reached "a certain age.". I have a compromised immune system thanks to the cancer devil, and I currently take a powerful chemo pill. Yup, I am in that high risk group. Like so many other folks, I am stuck at home, self quarantined, and trying to stay healthy in the midst of this pandemic. I am also trying not to go stir crazy. I have walked the house, looking at all of the projects that I need to tackle, things I have deferred for over a year. I made a to-do list and pinned it to the refrigerator. But my heart isn't in it. I can live another few months with my messy garage and stuffed attic. I contemplated baking cookies and even went so far as to assemble the ingredients. But then,

V is for Virus

Two weeks ago, I stopped at a store on the way to the hospital for routine bloodwork, I needed a few things, including a can of Lysol spray. I like the way it makes the house smell ,and the fact that it is a germicide is a bonus. “If you are looking for face masks, we are out of them,” the cashier said, with a bit of urgency in his voice. I shrugged. “I have enough of those. Don’t seem to make my wrinkles go away, anyway.” He looked at me as though I had suddenly grown a third eye. “No, I mean surgical masks,” he said. “No hand sanitizer in stock either.” I smiled and laughed it off, trying not to feel foolish. “Of course,” I mumbled. “Hope we all stay healthy.” At the hospital, my chemo nur

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