The Puzzle

Every event in the world and in our individual lives happens for a reason. Often it is a counterpoint to an ordered existence of opposites. While there is joy, there will be sorrow; while there is good, there will be evil; while there is health, there will be sickness. If you live long enough, you will experience many of these converse moments, and you will come to understand that nobody is immune from the swinging pendulum of existence. A year ago, I was in remission, working hard to reclaim my life, rebuild my stamina, and enjoy my days. But like a ghoulish presence waiting in the shadows to attack once more, cancer returned exactly three hundred and sixty-two days after my final treatmen

This Little Light of Mine

I was one of those toddlers who liked to dance in public, just to make people laugh. But I started my real interest in the dramatic when I was in kindergarten, reciting a Christmas poem. I got the one about getting nothing in my stocking because of my questionable behavior. It was a subtle hint from my teacher, no doubt, one which completely eluded my four-year-old self. And in later years, my poor embarrassed mother would tell the story of my performance, which culminated in an awkward cartwheel, improvised on the spot. Everyone in the front row got a good view of my red ruffled petticoat and matching underpants. I got the lecture about ladylike behavior. But I don’t think the lessons from

My Cancerversary

Today is my cancerversary. I am embracing the day with a little bit of nausea and a whole lot of gratitude. There are varied opinions about when one is to celebrate this day, but I have chosen the day that my doctor looked me in the eye and said, “This is the conversation that we never want to have with our patients. I am afraid that you have ovarian cancer. It is fast-growing and advanced.” From that day forward I became a survivor. While others were shooting fireworks and grilling burgers, I struggled to process the implications as I shared the news with my family. And before the red, white, and blue had been packed away for another Independence Day celebration, I was confronted with the

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