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The Cat, Part II

The electric opener made quick work of the canned fish. I carefully drained the water and emptied the contents into a small bowl. Without thinking much about it, I added the chopped eggs, mayonnaise, pickles, and a dash of mustard while the bread toasted. For the second time this week, I was having a tuna sandwich for lunch. I glanced at the inventory in the pantry. I had bought far too much for a phantom feline that either had no fondness for it or was off on an adventure elsewhere. Somebody had to eat it, and that somebody was me.

I have gotten several texts and messages asking about the mysterious cat. Let’s face it: everyone wants a story to have an ending, preferably a happy one. This one has neither. I have spent the past ten days searching for the elusive kitty, examining every cupboard and closet for a sign. I have inspected every nook and cranny of the attic, basement, and garage. I have set out bowls of food and milk, the best bait I could find, but they remain untouched. The only sign that he has been around is some mighty interesting patterns in the garden mulch. Perhaps he views that as one big litter box. But the areas I have recently raked smooth remain so. He has either been raptured to heaven or moved on to greener pastures, although I can imagine neither as a plausible scenerio. Regardless, he is gone.

I would lie if I said I missed him. I never even saw him, and except for the messes he made during his initial visit, he could have been an apparition, a figment of the imagination. I guess I will never know.

It has been said that one does not adopt a cat; rather, a cat adopts you. Some have gone so far to say that a feline will find its destined family and claim them as its own. If that is true, then, I guess we failed as a prospective home. Perhaps my ego is bruised a little, but my mind tells me that I dodged a furry little bullet. However, as the crisp days of autumn are soon to be replaced by winter’s chill, I can’t help but wonder if we will see him again. Maybe I will keep a can or two of this tuna just in case.

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