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Routines and Remodeling

I remember Murphy Brown, the television series in the late 80’s that broke all kinds of barriers as it tackled controversial topics of the day. At some point in the storyline, Murphy met Eldrin, a hippie turned house painter. She hired him for what she believed to be a quick job. It turned into a multi-year project. I have been thinking about this a lot. You see, I am partially remodeling my bathroom. It was supposed to take two weeks. I haven’t been able to brush my teeth in my own sink for close to five. My home has been turned into a work zone, privacy is nonexistent, and well, I am rather discombobulated.

I have come to understand that human beings are creatures of habit. As much as we moan and groan about routine that bookends our days, we need it. Structure gives us a roadmap for life, a rhythm that we understand. It can be comforting to know what to expect, the predictability keeping us on an even keel.

That doesn’t mean that I am advocating all work and no play. I am a big fan of positive changes in the regularity, the daily beat, of time. That’s why vacations are so restorative. But when those interruptions are less exciting, they can upset your personal apple cart, making you feel out of sorts, unanchored. Perhaps that is where I am.

Fortunately, most of these situations are transient. I am reminded of the adage, “This, too, shall pass.” As for me, I look forward to being able to find my favorite shampoo soon. It will be nice to get my life back. And the new bathroom? It is going to be fabulous!

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