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Lessons from a Hummingbird

So it happened for the second time this summer. A hummingbird flew into our garage and couldn't find his way out. Bless his tiny heart. I watched in dismay as he frantically flew in circles, unable to solve his own dilemma. Both doors were open, along with one leading out to the patio: the escape route was clear, but it eluded the little fella with each frenzied pass. He landed on random objects, obviously exhausted, turning his head from side to side, surveying the scene. And then, he took off again, repeating the same flight pattern, unable to set himself free.

I started to think that maybe life is a lot like this. We are human beings who inhabit a complicated world. Inevitably, there will be difficulties. Sometimes, they are of our own design, the result of poor judgment or hasty decisions. And sometimes, they are dumped on our doorstep by others with whom we have connected our lives. Certainly, what separates us from the animals is our ability to analyze, evaluate, solve. But in weighing the options, we often overthink things, finding ourselves paralyzed and indecisive Perhaps we are blinded by our own panic. Perception, as we all know, is reality. And if we perceive the obstacles as too great, if the windowpanes through which we view life are clouded by doubt and uncertainty, we are inevitably stuck, unable to move forward in either direction. Maybe, just maybe, the answer to our problems is as simple as stopping and looking around for a solution, one which was often right there in front of us the entire time. It is something to consider, right?

And yes, the little bird eventually found its way to freedom, soaring higher than before. Let's hope we all do as well.

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