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My thanks to the bard.....

According to all of the sage advice offered to new writers, my blog should be specialized. It should focus on sharing essential tips for success in developing plot, conflict and characters. It should offer the top ten tips for penning an effective fight scene or proven methods for creating a setting so that it will be re tweeted/blogged/facebooked/pinned into the social media stratosphere, where I can be “discovered” by would –be readers as well as network with others in the word processing trenches. I am told that professionalism is important if agents are to take note. I am supposed to market myself as an author, a title which, quite frankly, I am still not sure that I have earned the right to use.


Goodness knows, I tried. I really did. But after an hour of staring at a blank screen and deleting three posts that could only be described as mediocre, I have decided to follow my instincts, which I am convinced good writers do every time they sit down with a thought in mind. My blog is going to be as random as my mind often is, filled with what I want to share with the world. I want to tell my readers about how exciting and terrifying this whole transition into the world of writing has been. I want to share stories about my three-legged dog and why I hate being called “hon” by a twenty-something who makes my blizzard at Dairy Queen. I want to rant about the checkout lines at Walmart and share my grandma’s recipe for bread pudding. Sure, I am going to post about writing from time-to-time as I share what I am learning in this baptism-by-fire journey into the world of publishing. And I hope to help somebody with my experiences. But I also hope to make you laugh and cry from time-to-time, too. Isn’t that what real writing is all about? After all, one of the best, William Shakespeare said, “to thine own self be true.”

I intend to be….

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