My scalp was painful, covered in tiny bumps, resulting from an inflammation of the hair follicles. I had been warned that my weakened immune system would have a hard time fighting the simplest of attacks. This, along with the mouth sores which followed, was proof of th...

It was my first outing while wearing a wig, born out of necessity  as much as vanity. I was leaving a trail of hair wherever I went, and the cap, although uncomfortable, contained it. Just a few years earlier, I might not have been able to imagine such a thing.  But no...

Life can be difficult. Even on days when you open your arms wide to embrace the day, filled with hope and optimism, the world manages to deliver a bit of reality, slapping you up the side of the head with a truth that shakes you to the very core of your being.

Planes fa...

I was born into a neapolitan family, like the ice cream, not the folks from Naples.  My father was a redhead; my mom was a brunette; I am a blonde. What can I say? Genetics can be a real crapshoot.

And yes, I have endured more than my share of dumb blonde jokes over the...

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