Some weeks are easier than others. This one has been a challenge.

 It started with a terrible toothache and ended with a root canal. Somewhere in the middle, I met with my gynecological oncologist to learn that the biopsy confirmed that this tumor is indeed malignant. A...

The nurse enters the room where I lay on the gurney, my mind alternating between peace and fear. It isn’t an unusual place for me since I tend to think in extremes at such moments.  I shiver under my thin hospital gown.

“Word has it that you are the perfect patient,” sh...

“If I had patience, I’d be a doctor.” It is an absurd play on words, sprinkled with a bit of irony because it takes patience to be a patient in today’s world of modern medicine.

In three days I will have a biopsy, one that has been scheduled and rescheduled twice. The c...

There was a time when people didn’t talk about being sick. They hid in the shadows and stayed at home as they quietly battled whatever infirmary had invaded their body. When the worst happened, the obligatory obituary in the newspaper referred to succumbing to a “long...

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