Send in the Clowns

I recently attended an informal social gathering, I guess that sounds rather lofty. It was really just a casual party, one where I only was friendly with a few in attendance. Strangely enough, several people knew me, however. I guess I should say that they knew OF me since we had acquaintances in common. We often find ourselves in such situations as our social circles expand, right? It is sometimes awkward to be in a place where you are searching for the commonality between strangers, folks you have just met. The art of polite small talk is one that takes years to refine, I think, as you "interview for friendship," looking for what interests you might share. As I passed a group engaged in co

The Opposite of Love

I am small, tiny, in comparison to the vast expanse that is the universe. Even our own home planet is huge, filled with billions of souls, making their way through life. I am only one among many, a solitary person clacking away at a computer keyboard, trying desperately to chronicle this experience, writing of all that I think and feel. Sometimes, it seems a little self- indulgent. And I am sure that folks get tired of yet another blog post from the sick gal. But I am motivated for some compelling reason, hopeful that something I write might make a difference to somebody reading it. But it is more than that. I selfishly want to remember every single moment of this journey, to leave my thou

What You Might Not Know

I have toyed with the idea of this blog post for weeks now, primarily because by its very nature, it is going to be honest. Really honest. And one thing that I have learned is that while people may profess to want to hear the truth, but they would prefer it sugar coated, with sprinkles and a cherry on top. But I think sometimes, it is important to be truthful, to occasionally deal in reality. It is how we grow and learn. And so I offer this to be useful. Informative, even. Truly. When you are handed a cancer diagnosis, you are in shock. Real shock. Your mind goes through hundreds of scenarios, as you examine the “what ifs” of your future. It is scary, terrifying, in fact, and the world spin

The Lesson

Every family has its stories, the ones that give meaning to their collective existence. Some have been embellished over the years, the plot altered with each retelling until they resemble tall tales, too far- fetched to be believable. I think I like those the best. But the most impactful ones are those that are yours alone to tell, the ones that you have personally experienced, that have touched you in a profound way. You gather the lesson it brings into your very soul to remember over and over again, to share with those whom you feel a kinship, even if that may not be by blood. And so it is with me and the single moment that changed my view of life and myself in it. I was seventeen at the t

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