This Time Next Year

There is a new TV show that I find intriguing. It’s called “This Time Next Year,” and as the title implies, it invites people to make bold resolutions or add to an ambitious bucket list while embarking on a life- altering journey. All over the course of 365 days.... I was hooked just by watching the previews. Let’s face it, most of us embrace the coming year with the best of intentions to make changes in our lives that will somehow show us how to be better versions of ourselves. Some of these are tangible, measurable, like losing those last ten pounds, organizing our homes, or running a marathon. Some are designed to help us grow spiritually or emotionally as we vow to read the Bible from c

Close Encounters of the Christmas Kind

Christmas is about love and miracles. That really is the great gift that the season brings us, a moment to pause to breathe deep in gratitude for family, friends, blessings. We share our celebration rituals as we try to be a little kinder, a little nicer, a little more generous. ‘Tis the season. And, of course, the whole idea began with the birth of a very special child, the baby Jesus. This is what unites us as Christians everywhere, brothers and sisters who claim the same Heavenly Father. And the same Mother. At this time of year, I think of dear Mary, visited as a young virgin by the angel Gabriel. That in itself must have been a little disconcerting, but to be told that the future Savio

It Takes a Village

I find myself thinking that in all things, it takes a village. No man happily stands alone, no matter how independent he may profess to be. But in times of crisis, it is that very same idea that brings us comfort, gives new meaning to the idea of friendship and affection and support. When we are surrounded by the love and kindness of others, it provides a sort of scaffolding, holding us up when we are unable to stand on our own, reminding us that we are our brother’s keeper. I never quite understood the remarkable power of collective prayer until now. Yes, I had willingly participated, offering pleas to God on behalf of family and friends, but I had never been the recipient of such a spiritu

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