Simply Thankful

I just pulled five hairs out of my chin. No joke. And I am thrilled, so thrilled, in fact, that I added it to my list of things for which to be thankful during this special time of year. Perception is everything, right? While for most women, facial hair is not something to celebrate, for me, it means that my body is working again, slowly recovering from the nine-week battery of chemo as it gathers its strength for the next round. Just reaching for the tweezers made me feel normal in a land that has been both strange and unfamiliar. Earlier today, I read through my blog post from a year ago as I had lovingly set the table for our family Thanksgiving feast. I waxed poetic about my dear mother

Grateful and Blessed

Over the past few months, I have repeatedly asked myself what it means to be a soul in this world, and how I can possibly learn all that I must to become wise in this one, single, limited life. The answers have come to me in fragments, and while I don’t know that I will ever have a complete understanding of who I am and who I am meant to be, I have uncovered some profound truths, undeniable nuggets of wisdom. Difficulty is part of being alive. Those moments define us, teach us, refine us. By the time we have reached “maturity,” we have become weathered by the experiences, making us either wise or bitter. And during such times, we see how fragile we are, how tenuous is the thread that connect

Does This Wig Make me Look Fat?

I have been engaged in a tug of war with this cancer diagnosis for four months now, which unfortunately, has become my new normal. The appointments and accompanying tests are never ending. And nobody gives a woman my age a lollipop for submitting to the needles, the poking and prodding. Instead, they systematically arrange a date and time for the next visit. And send you the bill. But I am grateful to the folks in the medical profession who want to save my life. I try to stay pleasant enough for them to think I am worth it. I am learning alot about myself on this journey. Much of it is serious philosophical and spiritual stuff, but some of it is downright comical. Honestly, I am much more

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