A Timely Post

I recently bought myself a new watch. I already have a nice timepiece, but I wanted this sporty one and considered it a belated birthday gift to myself. As I placed it on my wrist for closer inspection, I somehow got to thinking about time. My mind tends to wander like that. We do seem to value it: Time is money. Don’t waste my time. And we use it to rate experiences: It was the best time of my life. I had such a good time. The concept becomes downright philosophical: Time waits for no one. As old as time itself. And yet none of these sayings have anything to do with the measurement marked by a ticking clock. We think that there is nothing more objective than the way we calculate a day, care

Premonitions and Prose

As an English teacher, I always was interested in the concept of foreshadowing, the hint of what is to come that an author places in a work. And because art imitates life, there are daily examples of such premonitions, intuitions, signs, or omens. We often speak of “gut feelings,” even when we can’t logically explain why we have them. And so, imagine my surprise when I recently went through my document folder and found this little short story that I wrote on Oct 22 of last year. I think I was working on Angelique’s War at the time. It isn’t unusual for me to write something completely off topic just to get the creativity flowing again during those moments of writer’s block. But what strikes

Bald is Beautiful

I am bald. Sure, it is one thing to say it, proclaim the reality for all the world to hear, but it is yet another to have family and friends sit across the table from me and pretend that I am as I always was. Unchanged. The lack of hair makes it abundantly clear that I am different, either sick or having joined the cast of Star Trek. I had somehow forgotten how hair enhances a person’s appearance, especially if that person is a woman. Yeah, I look weird. Even my grown kids were a bit shocked when I appeared in the kitchen during a recent visit without a head covering. I got a sympathetic look and a hug. I understand. To be perfectly honest, I have held onto the tufts of hair that chemo ha

The House Remodel

I’ve watched more than my share of mindless television on days when I just can’t seem to crawl out of the bed. My go-to shows seem to be on HGTV. And maybe because I have been home so much lately, I am viewing where I live with a renewed appreciation for the refuge that it has become. I think that most of us feel that way, whether we dwell in a one room studio or a rambling mansion, we take pride in where we hang our hat at the end of the day, our safe haven from the demands of the world. Heck, even the turtle happily hauls his shell on his back, retreating to its safety when threatened. I have learned that am a sucker for those makeover programs, the ones where they take abandoned and neg

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