Knowledge is Power

I am, at the very core of my being, a teacher, so I hope you are ready for a pop quiz. Don’t worry: you should all pass with flying colors. No pun intended. Question One: What does the pink ribbon represent? ​ If you answered breast cancer, then the marketing campaign to raise awareness for this important women’s issue has been successful. Women are admonished to do monthly self -exams and have annual mammograms. As a result, we celebrate countless lives that have been saved. And yes, the hoopla will begin on October 1st, as many of us gather to participate in what I call, “walks and talks” to educate and enlighten. There has been a multitude of research done on breast cancer, which has led

The Week in Review

Some weeks are easier than others. But such is life, right? This one was a challenge that started with a stiff neck. I wondered if it was the result of my embracing the approach of fall as I opened the windows and flipped on the fan, the cool, crisp air blowing on me as I slept. But then, it became painful and swollen, so much so that the doctor ordered an ultrasound that ultimately revealed a blood clot that had firmly lodged in my jugular vein. It was a sobering diagnosis, a sudden trip into the land of “what ifs.” Blood thinners were perscribed as I tried to figure out creative ways not to move too much since I certainly didn’t want to dislodge the thing. That came at the same time tha


I have been asked why I so readily share the details of my physical and emotional journey in such a public forum. It has even been suggested that maybe, just maybe, it is a bit too personal, too intimate, too delicate. And while I hadn't considered it, perhaps there is something to that observation. I know that there can be such a thing as too much information. It even has its own acronym, TMI. Am I guilty of oversharing, making others feel uncomfortable in the process? Gee, I hope not. But This has gotten me to thinking that maybe I should explain myself. Let's face it: we tend to push the boundaries today. In fact, I continue to be surprised at what people readily discuss on social media

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