Thanksgiving Tradition

It is an annual ritual. I dust off the Friendly Village china that belonged to my mother-in-law, the autumn colors adding a festive touch to the table. I polish my mother’s flatware, the sterling that she proudly collected over the years. And I put salt and pepper into the turkey shakers I bought for a song at a yard sale over two decades ago. I take inventory of the tablecloths, choosing the one that survived, unstained from last year’s meal. These are more than just things: they are a legacy, a tangible scrapbook, and a reminder of holidays past when generations have gathered to enjoy the communal feast, telling tale tales around the table, cracking jokes and embellishing the family memor

I is for Inspiration

Ah, the Greeks. More than any other culture, we credit them with igniting our love affair with storytelling and its unique ability to immerse us into a land of make believe. It's here that we suspend reality for just a moment as we are transported to a unique time and place. The myths, where gods and goddesses sat on Mount Olympus eating ambrosia and sipping nectar, while they blatantly meddled in the lives of the mere mortals on earth, became the fodder for later tales penned by the greats. And indeed, Pyramus and Thisbe became Romeo and Juliet, which became West Side Story. (Ask Mr. Google: he will give you a mountain of lesser known examples with the same tried and true tragic plot line.)

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