My Magical Month

I have been trying to pen this blog post for four days now, but I have an excuse for my distraction. I currently live with a four year old. Well, his parents live here, too, through a recent twist of fate, the Louisiana flood, which landed them back home for a few weeks as they relocate. As he so simply describes it, “the river came and took all of my toys, but it’s OK.” He is resilient, which is only one of his many charms. So for now, ours is a three generational home. But that’s not the story here. He is. I haven’t been around a young one so consistently since my own children were that age. My other grandchildren are older (and more worldly, of course), so I am having such fun with this o

Something to Leave Behind

“Everything vanishes,” says James Salter, “except that which is written.” I stumbled across this quote, a simple, yet insightful comment on the human need to record the details of our world in a tangible form, to leave behind bits of ourselves for others to discover. And indeed, Archeologists have unearthed a vast cache, those written records of civilizations, on walls, in scrolls, the thoughts, experiences and ideas of a people long gone. Weren’t The Ten Commandments, engraved on stone tablets, believed to have been penned by God Himself? Aren’t Shakespeare’s works and the epic poems of Homer and Ovid still studied and revered, noted as a thoughtful glimpse into the nature of the human mi

The Science of Writing

You have probably heard math whizzes brag about the prowess of their highly developed left brains, while the imaginative types, claim to be right brained, touting their creativity as irrefutable evidence. And yes, the left brain, the digital brain, controls reading and analyzing, calculation, and logical thinking, while the right brain, the analog brain, controls three-dimensional sense, creativity, and artistic expression. The way I see it, there is no greater activity that forces both sides of the brain to work harmoniously, communicating with each other in a simultaneous dance of firing synapses, than writing. That makes it pretty awesome… and difficult. We often refer to writing as a cr

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