Pulling the Plug

It is Saturday morning, and I, like so many of you, have just reviewed my ever-present to-do list, trying to choose the least distasteful item to tackle first. Laundry? Bathrooms? Grocery shopping? Instead, I pour myself another cup of coffee and check Facebook, then email, browse ebay and Pinterest. Finally, I turn on the TV. The hosts of Good Morning America proudly proclaim that it is "national no-text weekend," and then launch into a lively discussion about how difficult turning our backs on even one phase of technology can be. I agree. We live in a techno-world, a virtual black hole of a time vacuum, where hours can evaporate right before our very eyes. And we stay constantly connected

The Approval Factor

At the 1984 Academy Awards, Sally Fields took to the podium to receive an Oscar for Places in the Heart. Addressing the audience, she blushed, grinned, and said, “You like me. You really like me,” with all of the charm, enthusiasm and sincerity she could muster. Fields has enjoyed a long, successful career. (Anybody remember The Flying Nun?) But it seems that this simple quote is most often associated with her; it is a powerful part of her professional legacy. Why? Because while most of us can’t identify with being an award-winning actress, with an amazing body of work, we can fully understand the universal need to belong, to be admired and loved. It is the emotional currency of our world. A

Lessons from a Hummingbird

So it happened for the second time this summer. A hummingbird flew into our garage and couldn't find his way out. Bless his tiny heart. I watched in dismay as he frantically flew in circles, unable to solve his own dilemma. Both doors were open, along with one leading out to the patio: the escape route was clear, but it eluded the little fella with each frenzied pass. He landed on random objects, obviously exhausted, turning his head from side to side, surveying the scene. And then, he took off again, repeating the same flight pattern, unable to set himself free. I started to think that maybe life is a lot like this. We are human beings who inhabit a complicated world. Inevitably, there will

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